8 essential mobile apps to kickstart your school year

Let' s face it: for most of us, smartphones are just a distraction from the work of teenagers, who are preventing us from being productive ("should ... update ... Facebook app"). But they shouldn't be here to show you some applications that make your student life easier. To begin with this wonderful new school year, there are 8 applications that will increase productivity both at home and in school

Time is everything. In order to preserve an organized structure, it is necessary to know the course of courses and when you can work freely with instructions, study or socialize. My Study Life helps you plan all classes, tasks, examinations, and reminders. For those that have a schedule, the application can easily adapt to changes and take into account when the scheduling action begins and ends. When it comes to tasks, the application does not stop with "done" and "not done", or-you can specify how much you have completed the task, and once again set the verification tasks when the final (do not forget these units since the beginning of the year)! Using the intuitive interface and its ability to synchronize with other devices, this application should organize your schedule

I think we all went through terrible ortests to memorize 3 million conditions for the test. The traditional "cue card" system comes to mind as a potential solution, but who wants to remove a hundred of them on a bus to school, especially on the day of the test? The Quizlet is a simple but elegant solution that makes your mobile phone a fixed card. The flashcard application lets you view your conditions in a list view or in a two-sided view. He even offers a game that really crystallizes the information in your memory. If you want a neuroather to be still in the process of training, you, Quizlet, you

When you find a really useful page, you'll probably tell yourself that you won't forget to read it later. Except for that

Cost: free (with purchase in the annex)

Do you have a long, long project? Try to split your work time into manageable sessions. Clockwork Tomato will divide your time by 25 minutes, making you work, but there will be five minutes between sessions. With the Pomoro Methodologies (for all you are language lovers,

The very popular Evernote application lets you record notes not only with the text you enter, but also with ink, images, attachments, and voice messages. Share notes by e-mail or URL, or grant other permission to edit and view documents. The built-in chat function is ideal for team work because it allows participants to communicate and share their notes in chat. If you want to remember the task at a later time, the alarm function will check the link to the task when you download it

If you are looking for an application that organizes several tasks into a larger picture, Treello is perfect. Using the whiteboard layout, the application allows you to create a board with multiple cards that can be organized into the lists of any elements. This includes images, videos, and attachments. This is also great for team projects because several people can interact with the card and have the ability to create comments on each map. Even better, the interface makes it very simple to switch from one card to another, still having the idea of the whole board

For fanatics, it irritates you from the application to the application while trying to catch up with the latest news (or your favorite YouTuber) on the smartphone. Don't be afraid, for there is a solution! You can include all your favorite feeds into a single, seamless space for viewing. You can even make several collections to better organize the feed. All the interesting articles you can get can be saved in your application for later reading. And if you have a desire to tell all that you have found, you can! Sharing articles that you find on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Evernote

Cost: free (with purchase in the annex)

Sometimes you tell yourself that you need some exercise only to finish watching Disney's movies in bed. Pizza dinner. Definitely not what you should do all the time, right? Seven Minute Workout is a great way to be more active by offering you various exercises in this session. From walls down to jump, the application declares all commands so you don't have to look at the screen to get instructions. Good health is also associated with the best study, so don't forget to take care of your body! You'll thank yourself for that

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