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Cost of studying abroad The cost of overseas studies varies greatly from one school to another. Each country, university and main university has a unique cost. Some factors that affect cost include: Tuke and tuition fees Housing (dormitories and apartments outside the complex) Transit (you may not have a car) Travel costs (if you travel home or to another country while travelling abroad) International calls (Skype will be your best friend!) Medical insurance The main household items you need to buy when you are in another country If you need language courses before studying abroad, this will also affect your living costs. In general, we’ll think about all the expenses you would have at the local college, plus the cost of everything you need every day, that you may not be abroad. If you should stay in an apartment far from campus, what would be the cost of public transport? What is the cost of food compared to where you live? If you’re lucky enough that you have a car, you can legally travel to another country? What would it cost to get a license or buy a fuel there? The answers to these questions and other questions will determine the true cost of training abroad Popular scholarships for study abroad There are many scholarships to study abroad. They are intended to encourage students to study in other countries, and they are available to almost every conceivable person. The awards and claim requirements depend on the scholarships, so you really want to find the program that suits you. The Council for International Educational Exchange provides grants and scholarships to study abroad. They offer scholarships for students with high academic achievements, as well as scholarships for students in low-income families. They also have special programs for students who study abroad in the summer. In 2018, they will receive a guaranteed grant of $2,000 for students who visit the minority system The national security education programme is funded by a Boren scholarship for overseas study. These amounts range from $8,000 to $20,000. The President of the United States of America made a statement. The scholarships can be used in colleges and universities in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Central Europe and Latin America. These are areas that the organization feels are underrepresented in studying foreign programs Benjamin A. The Gilman International Scholarship, funded by the U.S. Department of State, offers assistance in training students with limited financial resources. The awards range from $3,000 to $8,000, with the highest dollar amounts being paid to students studying foreign languages while in another country. This scholarship abroad is available only for a limited number of applicants, but it can significantly reduce your costs abroad Other ways of saving money while studying abroad In addition to scholarships for study abroad mentioned above, the possibility of granting scholarships and grants in your country of destination should be explored. Most countries have programmes for international students to encourage more people to study in their schools. You can also check whether there is a financial aid office in your university to see if there are any available programs at the school Before you cross the border, compare the prices on campus (if applicable) and live on campus. Note that you will probably not have a private car, so the place where you live should be within walking distance of school, food, work and/or public transport. In some countries, there are student housing specifically for students studying abroad. All basic necessities are available in dormitories and apartments, including furniture, the Internet, cooking materials and many others. If you spend 6-12 months in another country, you can wait until you finish school. It will be very expensive to make a trip to the US, and this limits the volume of exposure that you have in other cultures. Spit the holidays and other breaks in another country and get most of your time. When you learn abroad again, you are even more appreciating your own culture and way of life