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The most important documents to be packed for travel include: Work or student visa Driver’s license or state ID (ID Birth certificate, if required for your type of travel All the documents necessary for the school Timetables and routes What you have to bring depends on where you go and how you’re going. Check the documents required for each phase of your trip and include a validation list. The point you packed is largely dependent on where you are. Adjust your clothes in accordance with the weather in this country while you travel. Grouped layers to enable you to wear something in any state. The jacket, the plain colored shirts, and the universal shoes are perfect. The following are some of the pieces of clothing that you can include in your list: Two weeks on lingerie Two weeks, “socks cost.” Shirts with varying lengths of sleeve Light coats Lower bottles according to your needs (pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, etc.) One fat, warm coat, if you’re looking at a cold climate A small number of accessories (one scarf, three necklaces, three pairs of earrings, etc.) Two or three sweatshirts, sweaters or sweaters (more if the weather is cold) Pajamas (pack is sufficient for the last two weeks, but remember that you can wear them several times) Two sets of clothes (more if you work daily) One formal outfit (more if you are intering abroad) 5 pairs of shoes, shoes, shoes, boots, boots, boots, beaches for the beach or the shower A plan to buy most toiletolds when you arrive in another country. The Transport Security Authority (TSA) has severe restrictions Recommendations for a trip with liquids You can only bring one in a quarter of the size of liquid, creams and gels in your bag. Each liquid shall be 3.4 ounces or less in the container. You can increase the amount of liquid in your test packages, but the clothing may be damaged in the leak. Here are some of the toiletolds that need to be packed abroad shampoo and conditioner Dental toothbrush and toothpaste Razor (with sufficient excitement to the last trip) Funine hygiene products (can be viewed in a refillable product such as a cup with a diva to keep your place in your bag) Zero-based care products Rassa or weight Electronic hair tools (curling iron, flat iron, dryer and receptacle) A small number of products such as hair gel or hair spray One roll of toilet paper (you can buy more when you get there) Contact lenses and contact solution You’re allowed to bring in prescription drugs when you travel. In an ideal case, you should pack your prescription medicine in the appropriate pharmacy. That’s it not a TSA request , but some states and countries require recipes for travel with drugs. If you travel with liquids such as cough syrup, you will have to comply with the liquid rule described in the toilets section. Pack your prescription in your purse so you don’t risk losing it in checked baggage. This includes birth control, prescribed vitamins, or something that you need on a daily basis. BONUS TIP: Tell your doctor that you travel abroad so that he can prescribe a sufficient number of drugs. Your 30-day recipes may be 90 + days of recipes. If you can only get 30-day quantities of your medicine, you can take measures to ensure that your recipes are filled abroad. Do this at least three weeks before you travel because it takes time to set up the transfer. You will also need time to approve the recipe You should be careful when traveling with electronics. These elements could be stolen or lost at the airport, which could be a big financial loss. If you have to bring the electronics, put them in your bag. This includes: Portrait with a charger Cell-charged cell phone Camera with battery chargers or spare batteries The Outlet adapters for the country to which you are sending (American forks will not work with European outlets) Your mobile phone may not work overseas, but you can still lead it if you delay your flight. You can get a SIM card for the country you will visit for use in your current phone. This will prevent you from buying or renting a phone during training abroad. Take about $300 in cash, in case your card won’t work. Convert this to the other currency of the country before you receive it. This could be done at the airport. Note that you will be charged a fee, so prepare a little extra effort. You can put your money in a bag of lightning that can hang around your neck. Suck it under your shirt to protect yourself from the patch. If you want to use your purse or purse to use it in your country, pack it in checked baggage. You can transfer your money and ID to your wallet after you allow it in Here are some additional tips that can be taken into account Do not bring any products with significant value, such as family value or jewellery. There is always a risk that these elements may be lost or stolen during travel Contact your cell phone provider to learn about the international call plans. Tell me where you’re going and how long you’ll be there. If your phone or phone plan is not compatible abroad, you can examine the prepaid plan via another service provider. You can activate it while traveling, and then cancel it when you return it home. Choose a package that will also work as a school bag when you’re on campus Make sure that you have bed linen in the Hostel or Hostel. If not, I plan to buy sheets and comfort when you get there or pack something in your bag. If you have unwieldy clothing, such as large coats, use vacuum bags to save space in your luggage It is important to remember how difficult your elements are. This is especially true of electronics. TSA has a size limit for baggage, as well as weight restriction. Pack one extra dress in your clothing if your baggage is lost. Pack up well in advance and double-check your packing list. It will weaken your stress and guarantee that you will remember nothing